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…by Michael Switzer

Well, we all have stories and moments of happiness and sadness that shape our lives. Personally, I’m close to burn out maintaining so many expectations and components that I get into a rhythm of doing for the sake of completing. It takes a message like the one taught on Sunday to make me ask ‘am I juggling for the right reasons?’


I have so much to be thankful for but without constantly stepping back to reflect on the essence of my life’s actions, day to day tasks begin to look and feel meaningless. It’s the essence of our lives that gives color and meaning to our day to day tasks.


I think part of the reason for my near burn out (and I wonder if anyone resonates with this) is first and foremost not saying ‘no’ but secondly, I allow the things I say yes to define me and my ‘life story.’ No doubt they’re a major part of my story but they have become the reason for my existence.


The essence of our story should be unchanging while the situation, people, environment around us are in a constant state of flux. When we root our spirit in the here and now, tie it to our current situation and state of affairs, we run the high risk of meandering into a dull purposeless daily life. Founding ourselves in the essence of Jesus, tying our understanding and purpose of all the ancillary components of life to Him, and living life centered in His unchanging being places the good times and bad times of our stories in their proper place. Life is probably more freeing and less likely to approach burn out when we (I) don’t place so much attention and value on the ups and downs of our great stories and when we don’t allow pieces of our story to so deeply define us. I’m feeling a bit of a relief focusing on a unified vision with Jesus as the essence of my story rather than exerting so much energy trying to avoid pains and profit from happiness.