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Getting Past Your Past

Alex —  November 11, 2013 — Leave a comment

If you stop to think about it, who you are today is largely a combination of the experiences and relationships you have had through life… along with how you processed those along the way. In this message, we start a conversation (and process) to help you get past elements of your past that continue to hold you back today.

Complaining never works. How should you live when people around you don’t share your faith? The amazing story of Daniel is a guide for being a carrier of God’s grace.

Most of us think of God’s grace as something light or soft. But what if God’s grace has some tough edges to it, too? What if God wants to use questions to challenge us and grow our faith in him? Watch as Wes explains from the story of Elijah how God’s grace uses tough questions to teach us hard things.

“Why isn’t this working out the way I thought?” is a question we have all asked. It’s easy for us to get fixated on results, and often feel angry, guilty, depressed, or frustrated in the process. Listen as Wes explains that God’s grace offers us a different way to live.