Beyond Sunday – 4 C’s

Bobby Jackson —  January 9, 2014 — Leave a comment

What if you knew for sure that you could go to Heaven?
What would you do if you knew God’s Spirit and power was directly influencing you?
What if you knew exactly what God wanted from you in this moment/week/month?

The first two questions are for another day, but this week, we took a Biblical approach to experiencing what God wants in that third question.  The Bible did not hide what God wants from us at any given moment.  Jesus invites us to come and follow Him.  But what does that look like?

I remember in my first conversation with our lead pastor, Greg and one of our elders, Gordon, when they came to interview me in Ohio.  They spoke of a unique approach the church at Suncrest takes when it comes to defining and marking what the Bible describes as a disciple of Jesus or a follower of Christ.  I remember being struck by the simplicity and the power of what they called the 4Cs.

I grew up in the church and cared a lot about being a disciple, but not sure I ever tried to define it – just thought I “knew” I was a disciple.  The leadership at Suncrest gave verbiage and specific markers to measure how well or at least how well-rounded I was as a disciple of Jesus.

The idea that a true disciple of Jesus would care about people far from God, contribute by serving, cultivate a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and connect in relationships where truth meets life was sweetly Biblical and wholly clearer than I had put together on my own.

I learned quickly that I love the Cultivate C and am slow to follow in the Care C.

Enough of my story, how about yours?  Some of you may have heard of these 4Cs before.  Are there a few you excel in?  One that is tough for you?  How did you do with the guide this week?  Did it point out strength areas and areas to grow toward?

What if you knew exactly what God wanted from you in this moment/week/month?  We do know, don’t we?  Doing it is the tough part, right?  The church wants to come alongside and encourage you in this – you can do it, we can help.  We’ve put together some helps that were at the HUB this week.  Here are a few:

Cultivate Resources

Messages online

Generosity- Give online


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