Beyond Sunday – Getting Past Your Past: Grieve it

Randy Parish —  November 21, 2013 — Leave a comment

Our past follows us around.  Sometimes we admit it, sometimes we deny it.

There are two commercials on TV that are for medicine but I think they help illustrate the point.  There is a picture of a guy lying on the couch.  All you see is his head.  As the camera pans out, you see he has an elephant sitting on him.  We are sometimes being crushed by what we have to carry around, but we don’t deal with it.  “What elephant”.  The latest one is the asthma commercial, where the person says “I don’t have a problem with my asthma” and everyone she interacts with daily, pops into the picture with examples.  Denial can be our best defense sometimes, however everyone else can see right through it.  Here is my personal favorite.  A lady sitting on a suitcase (didn’t realize I watch so much TV until all these examples popped into my head) and the suitcase has twice as much in it and it won’t close, but she is determined to get it shut.  This reminds me of just ignoring it.  If I can just stuff this experience into this box, I can forget about it.

There is all kind of pain inflicted by other people in our past.  Do we say, that’s their problem and yet we carry the emotional baggage?  We remember every single detail of that incident 12 years ago, but they forgot about it the next week.

The last half of Matthew 6:12 should hit you right in the forehead: “as we also have forgiven our debtors”.  Wow!  Have we?  Can we?  Will we?  We have to answer those questions ourselves, but it could be the first step toward the healing we need.


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