Beyond Sunday – Live Sent: For your cause

Kay Roberts —  November 7, 2013 — 1 Comment

…Beth Bevan

As we wrapped up the Live Sent series this past Sunday and last Thursday, I found myself both convicted and overwhelmed.  I am convicted by the calling that we all have been given but it is overwhelming to look around at the brokenness and find a place to start.  God tells me to simply keep it simple.  To pray for promptings.  And when I’m prompted, to pray for obedience.  Throughout this messages series we were given the tools on how and where to start…..  Practice hospitality.  Be in this world but not of this world.  Be intentional in the circles that we find ourselves in.  And finally, to not be okay with our world the way it is.

I resonate well with the two dilemmas that Greg put forward.  I have felt the angst in my soul when I have looked around to see the contentment of those around me.  But, more often, I feel the contentment in my soul while I see the angst in the world around me.  To know that I am okay, but the world and most of those around me are not.

Living Sent is often expressed in a God-given cause that we embrace.  And the cool part to that is its all to give Him the glory, but it comes in a million different ways.  A few years ago, I sat through our “Not a Fan” series and Greg preached about that “thing in your bones that you can’t not do anything about.”  I didn’t have that.  I prayed for it though.  Fast forward not even a year and I found myself in Liberia, Africa feeling the excruciating pain of God placing that “thing” in my bones.  I couldn’t stand to see what my eyes were seeing, or hear what my ears were hearing.  The guilt of my own advantages weighed me down beyond breathing.  At one point during that trip, I had to stand with arms outstretched and deny kids water.  There wasn’t enough.  I had to say no.  It ripped my heart out and made me furious.  It wasn’t okay.  The Bible says that to whom much is given, much is required and I knew then that I was required to be a voice for these beautiful people.  To do everything in my power to ensure that one day I wouldn’t have to tell a single child or person no.  Fast forward to today.  A group of us now run a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing safe water in Christ’s name to the beautiful people of Liberia.  We aren’t big huge financial planners or business executives.  But we are men and women who were face to face with the brokenness of this world and were prompted to do more than look the other way.

The amazing thing about Living Sent is that it comes in so many forms.  Not everyone is going to find a cause that warrants a non-profit organization.  Living Sent is finding what you experience where it meets God’s concern, feeding it when you’re tempted to medicate and ignore it and fighting it in ways that line up with your gifts.  To not be okay with it as it is.  Not sure where to start?  Ask yourself……what is my angst?  What can’t I stand?  What seems hellish on this earth?  If those questions lead to a multitude of answers…..then pray.  Pray that He show you.  And pray for the obedience to follow.


One response to Beyond Sunday – Live Sent: For your cause


    Greg, first I would like to say that Sunday’s message really hit me with a shock to myself…when you brought that coffin out and started talking about leaving the past in the past, and then you asked us to ask ourselves a question…well let me tell you, until I asked myself that, I had no idea, that I truely had not forgiven like I thought I had…I was so overcome with your words which I know was God answering through you…I couldn’t believe it… I have struggled with the loss of my marriage of 29 years and I truely thought I had dealt with all of that…Mainly because I worked through Celebrate Recovery.. Well I sure fooled myself…I don’t know who prayed for me after your service, but I want her to know that I can’t thank her enough for her words..Through her words to
    God’s ears, I felt God’s comfort, as she was praying and her hand was on my back, I can’t describe the comfort I felt through her words and touch….I want you to know that I have put those names on that card and I will get my past where it belongs, I am more determined than ever to do this….I am so looking forward to the rest of this series, as well as achieving to finally put this to rest…Thank you Greg, Donna Van Gundy

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