Beyond Sunday – Live Sent: In your circle

Kay Roberts —  October 31, 2013 — Leave a comment

…by Dave Wright

Have you been living “Live Sent?”  I know I have had a hard time reminding myself to do it.  I think my parents used to call it “practice what you preach.”  As Christ followers, we are called upon to love one another.  In the past week, I have come across two instances where the same religious organization has been in the area doing their version of “Live Sent.”

While we were visiting in South Carolina last week, we saw a church protesting in front of a military base condemning personnel because they were in the military.  Fast forward to five days later when they were in St. Louis protesting at the World Series (not because they are Cub fans) condemning people who “worship the god of baseball”….REALLY?  Do actions such as this really mean living sent?

We all have been challenged to go out to our circles….our family, friends, work, and community to show what it is like to be a Christ Follower.  Beka was correct when she said, “Just don’t bring them to church, bring them the truth…”  Living Sent is not living in this world, but living with the world.

There is an old church camp song with the lyrics…”They will know we are Christians by our love, by our love.”  I can’t think of too many additional ways to live sent than this.

Here now is some advice from me…be relatively patient with your circles…people inside will ask what you are doing.  Don’t be afraid!  Tell them!  God will present to right time for you to share the story of your journey of following Him.


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