Beyond Sunday – Live Sent: Start Now

Bobby Jackson —  October 10, 2013 — Leave a comment

…by Bobby Jackson

Water skiing. It’s tough. Have you ever been? Are you one of those people that got up on top of the water the first time? I’ll try not to hate you. I didn’t – and I didn’t let go of the rope fast enough. Massive amounts of lake water shooting 20 mph into my mouth tasted and felt awful.
But…I tried it again (better than being bored on the boat for four hours) and after a few more times I was able to push the water beneath my skis. Eventually, it even became fun and I could see what people were so excited about.

This mirrors pretty closely the times I have intentionally “Lived Sent”.

The first couple of times I tried to live sent at my high school was a complete fail. I thought the way to live sent was to point out why I was right and the person I was talking with was wrong. I messed it up, but eventually learned to listen and understand more and speak less. Speaking fewer words has often been my ally. I tried again and have gotten better. I want an integrated life – this is who I am – I care about faith – I want people to experience the great things I’ve experienced because I have known God (not always easy but always good).

Now that I’ve done it a little I can understand a bit those people that just got it early on. They spoke of the joy of being used by God and sensing Him working in their lives and in the lives of those around them. It beats sitting on the sidelines and watching others play.

The encounter I had with God on Sunday is still right in front of me: be the church, God’s ambassador, wherever I am, right now. Let’s not wait, join with me as we work to do something challenging and even fun and especially authentic.

Looking forward to hearing how God is using you.


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