Beyond Sunday- Sons of Grace: Daniel

Kay Roberts —  September 26, 2013 — Leave a comment

…by Beka Jackson

I loved hearing the story of Daniel this past Sunday.  I am a history nut so the stories in the Old Testament are always exciting to me.  My favorite part of the message, though, was all the practical how-to-live-like-this-now stuff. 

Even though I love history, I sometimes have a hard time drawing parallels between what I read and what I experience or do now.  That wasn’t at all the case this past week.  Seems crazy though, doesn’t it?  I am a 35 year-old free American wife and mother of five young kids.  Daniel was a teenager/young adult Israelite held captive by hostile Babylon.   Yet, from his life, I can learn to live my life in a way that serves and pleases God more. 

My favorite take-away from Daniel’s story?  Don’t be defined by what you are against.  This has been the biggest lesson I have learned in my life so far.  Well-intentioned adults had trained me to be uncomfortable with sin.  When someone around me was doing something I knew as sinful, I was taught to get angry.  That translated to my friends as judgment.  I grew up thinking that people who did bad things were bad people and I should be mad at them. 

Sometime during college I began to realize that faith lived out in real time was something I had never considered.  Faith to me meant going to church, not trick or treating, removing any bit of Santa Clause from Christmas, taking communion and knowing how to read a Bible (not necessarily reading it.)  A relationship with Christ and the idea of an integral life of faith was never even an idea I considered.  Then sometime in college, it was like a light bulb went on when I realized that what I believed dictated how I lived.  And even more than that, the same was true about every other person.  What they believed dictated how they lived.  If I am living a certain way because of my knowledge of and  faith in God and others had little knowledge of or faith in God, why in the world would they live the way I did?!

So I had a choice.  I could live my life being very clear about what I was against or I could live my life being very clear about what I was for.   I chose to be very clear about love, forgiveness, grace and truth.  I pray that people know me as the one who loves rather than the one who condemns.


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