Beyond Sunday – Sons of Grace: Elijah

Kay Roberts —  September 5, 2013 — Leave a comment

…by Beth Bevan

To be completely honest, I love when there is a message taught and while I’m listening I have that moment when I take great comfort hearing that I’m not the only one those things seem to happen to. For instance, I took comfort this past Sunday being reminded that I am not the only one that makes excuses to God or struggles with trusting and giving it ALL to Him. Or that maybe, sometimes like Elijah, I have heard God ask me, “What are you doing here, Beth?”
Sadly this is a lesson that I will, no doubt, learn over and over again. I can learn, be reminded and forget again all in the same week. We learned that God’s grace uses tough questions to teach us hard things. It is not always the fluffy pink bunny rabbit that Wes had on stage. We like to think it is because that pink bunny-like grace is what gives us freedom, peace, forgiveness and hope. But it is that same grace that is sufficient enough for all of us. That loves enough to ask those hard questions that get us right into the spot where excuses seem futile. Sure, I have tried to make excuses and run the other way. I can usually make it a few rounds where I plead my case and excuse my selfishness, my pride, my lack of trust. But at the end of it all, I’m left face to face with His grace that continues to save me. It may not always save me in the ways that I like to think or picture. Sometimes that lifeline comes in the form of a raw, hard to hear question. I’m learning and it is my continued prayer that that grace never leaves me. That the questions never stop…….but maybe the excuses do.


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