Beyond Sunday- Educators’ Day

Kay Roberts —  August 29, 2013 — Leave a comment

…by Dave Wright

Who was your favorite teacher? Can you remember? I have to think A LONG TIME AGO to remember mine…and no, no it was not when there were just slate boards, chalk and no books….I went to school when there was electricity and running water.
My first favorite teacher was Mr. Veenstra in the 5th grade at Lincoln Elementary School in Robinson, Illinois. He was the first “guy” teacher I ever saw. You know what? He was pretty cool…it was amazing learning math, English, and science from a guy! In my young mind, I didn’t know “guys” could teach! What was even cooler? He would let us listen to music while we were studying. He brought in a record player (turntable to you youngsters) and it was where I learned about The Beatles, The Doors, and even an unheard of band from Illinois named after it largest city…Chicago. He was my first basketball coach…I learned very quickly running stinks…lol…I also remember how mad he got at the entire class when we wouldn’t sing along to a Christmas carol record he played for us.
The biggest thing I remember though was when he told the class he had been drafted into the army and he was going to Vietnam. All of us were devastated! We wrote letters and some cried. But he had to report before school was finished.

Isn’t it funny how you remember certain teachers in our past…good or bad. When my kids talk about teachers they like I want to tell them….DO NOT FORGET…things they tell you will stick in your memory for a long, long time.
The Bible holds teachers in highest regard. James 3:1 says, “Those who teach will be judged strictly.” Having been a substitute teacher and taught community college, I can agree with this statement. You have to be on the lookout on what you do or say when teaching. Greg stated to do what is “good” and students will strive to be like their teacher.
Teachers (and this includes Mr. Veenstra…where ever he is) you are not thanked enough for the work you do. This DOES sound cliché, but there needs to be more Educators Days. Please include the people who teach your children well in all your daily prayers.


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