Foster Care Awareness Week

Kay Roberts —  May 22, 2013 — Leave a comment

by Chrissy Book

Intercessory Prayer

Prayer is not hard to understand, but at times it is difficult to do. When was the last time you so grieved for others that your entire body agonized, and your prayers were carried all the way to heaven on tears?

As a people we try to avoid pain at all costs. Most are not willing to agonize over the sin of others; the rebellion against God that so often characterizes our nation as a whole. Most of us pray only shallow painless prayers, but God wants to take us to deeper levels of intercessory prayer. He wants to bring our emotions into play. He wants our prayers to be heart felt; which requires a level of  heart sickness.

Ideally, your prayers should reflect what God cares most about. Things like repentance, salvation, restoration. How about some prayers for justice for the oppressed, provision for the needy, and protection for those in danger.  How can anyone pray casually over these issues?

The Bible tells us that God is specifically concerned about the plight of widows and orphans (Exodus 22:22 and James 1:27). Because He hears their cries, you cannot turn a deaf ear; not if you want to be called a follower of Christ. What matters to God must matter to you.


Consider the plight of foster care children. Many have been orphaned, abandoned, abused, or  neglected.  The ones who are supposed to care for them, cannot or will not. Some of these innocent children are shuffled from home to home. Imagine the scars and woundedness this creates. Pray for them.


Intercessory prayer involves staying with the Father when others have gone to sleep. It is deep, prolonged and painful, only a few ever experience it. Are you willing to accept God’s invitation to intercessory prayer? Take the narrow road, the road less traveled. Stay with God in prayer, and He will take you to the deepest levels. Become Prayer Warrior.


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