Foster Care Awareness Week

Kay Roberts —  May 21, 2013 — Leave a comment

 by Kelly McManus

Foster care– the word bubbles up many different thoughts into our minds. I confess I’ve felt sorry for those little ones that are removed from their beds in the night. In all honesty, I’ve known few foster kids and until 2007 didn’t even think to pray for them.

It was God that took our pulsing desire to adopt and pointed His finger at the foster care system in late 2007.  I felt nervous. Our Christian family wasn’t exactly the typical foster family model; we already had five kids, home schooled, and a neighborhood image to uphold– or did we? We were already pushing against the normal flow of things, so the looming question remained– why wouldn’t God want our family to take another leap of faith?

Prayer for foster children and our unknown foster-to-adopt child began to become a priority in our home while we waited over a year for our license to be approved by DCS. I prayed for the mother of our child, her health, & her choices. I prayed for our future daughter or son and for God’s protection to surround them. I also prayed for God to protect us on the journey. It was while we prayed and attended our training classes­– that God melted our fears away. He didn’t do it before we made the decision to begin the process but during the process. In every class, He spoke to us­…. This is where my heart is– with these little ones. This is down in the trenches kind of love. “… whatever you did for the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.” Matthew 25:40b

     So, if this is where God’s heart is– with these little ones, then my heart cannot help but continue to cry out for them in prayer. They need safe homes, they need healing, they need unconditional love, and most of all they need God. Please join us this week in praying for the foster children– they are waiting to be touched by God.

Did you know that May 19-26th is the 2013 National Foster Care Prayer Vigil week? and Cry Of The Orphan will lead you to more information on the prayer needs for foster children and their families.


Kelly McManus


   Kelly and her husband Larry welcomed their son Nathaniel into their family after fostering to adopt him for more than two and a half years. After much prayer, Larry and Kelly have also begun the process of an international adoption this year. You can read more about their experiences on Kelly’s blog at:










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