STRONG Challenge- Day 17: John 17

Kay Roberts —  March 26, 2013 — Leave a comment

What do you pray for?

Do you pray for your family, health, others’ health, to find someone?


I pray for lots of different things.  Mostly for myself, I think occasionally for others, and less occasionally for big things happening in the world (not the model of Jesus’ prayer I know).  I know people pray for family members, big decisions, when tough times come, or when we’re thankful.

So we pray for lots of things…what does Jesus pray for?


He prays for us.  That jolts me.


One of the things that He prays for that I didn’t appreciate at first but have grown to feel is one of the most important things is for us to be unified.

He prays that “they might be one…so that the world will believe that You have sent Me.”  As we work together and are unified, the world sees Christ.  Makes total sense when I think about it because seeing Christians fight (not be unified) is about the most disillusioning experience a prebeliever can have.


Tonight I pray that we would be one.  That I would be able to assume the best, forgive when needed, ask for forgiveness, and serve those around me.


I love how God’s Word jolts and resets me.

Enjoy reading,


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