STRONG Challenge- Day 12: John 12

Kay Roberts —  March 21, 2013 — Leave a comment

… by Rebekah Jackson

John 12 begins Jesus’ final week.  It’s a week full of amazing moments and heartbreaking encounters, but the very first story here catches me.

It was just a  normal dinner.  They were honoring Jesus and just hanging out, when Mary walks in and empties this priceless bottle of perfume on His feet.  What is worth noting for me is that the dinner was in Jesus’ honor.  They were trying to show Him respect and gratitude.  Yet when Mary comes in and displays honor in such a huge way, they are uncomfortable.  Once again, Jesus’ kingdom is so different than what everyone expects.  I am seeing this everywhere in the book of John.  It is causing me to rethink, to reconsider everything I have known about the church and how my life should look for a Christ follower.  Honestly, some things line up and some things don’t.  I find myself hindered by the norm, by the expected when it comes to my worship.  I often act more like Judas in this story than like Mary.

I wonder what ways we can, like Mary did, pour our hearts, our bottles of perfume out in worship…


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