After All (Holy).

wesblackburn —  February 4, 2013 — Leave a comment

Today’s #MusicMonday focuses on a song that’s really grown on me over the past few months or so. It’s called “After All (Holy)” by David Crowder. Take a look:

(If you can’t see the video in your blog reader, RSS, or e-mail, please click here.)

When Jesus instructed his followers on how to pray, he started by saying the needed to address God as a heavenly Father, but immediately followed that with the phrase “hallowed be your name.” The word used in Scripture for “hallowed” is quite unique; we don’t really have a lot of other sources or words to compare it to. Ironically, I think that’s why Jesus used that word. He was conveying that God is set apart. Unique. Different. Unlike any other. Special.

A lot has been done in evangelical Christianity over the past few decades to help us re-think God as a friend. I think that’s wonderfully true and I can’t champion that enough. But I also believe that there’s a tension there that we will never resolve, but need to balance, between God’s grace and God’s holiness. While God loves us and is a friend to us, he is also a holy, just, righteous, and you could even say a wrathful God. The same God who showed incredible love for us on the cross through the sacrifice of Jesus is also the God of the Old Testament who struck down people for touching the Ark of the Covenant with their bare hands. The same God who loved us in the midst of our sin (Romans 5:8) is also the God who required that high priests needed a rope tied around them each year (just in case they were struck down and died) when they would approach God to offer a sacrifice for the nation’s sins. God is our friend and loves us more than anyone could possibly imagine, but we shouldn’t forget that a relationship with him is serious stuff.

For us to ever think we are going to completely comprehend or understand God demonstrates that our “God” is ridiculously undersized. It’s true; I can’t comprehend any of the stuff this song talks about regarding God. And that’s exactly what makes him set apart. Unique. Different. Special. Holy. And it’s the incomprehensible attributes of God that lead me to worship him and live in awe that a God like that would desire and enter into a relationship with me.




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