Beyond Sunday – Handle with Care: Don’t wing it

Kay Roberts —  January 17, 2013 — Leave a comment

…by Dave Wright

Let’s talk about trust. Once upon a time, there was a business, trying to keep up with technology, made major changes in the way employees were compensated. “The new system will be marvelous,” employees were told. “Everyone will have access to everything they need!”

Now, the employees were skeptical. They trusted the system already in place, but none of them had a choice but go along with the new changes. Until the first payday of the new process…

“None of us received our paychecks!” the employees shouted as the business owners walked in pay day morning. “What do we do now? How can we trust the new system?”

The owners were mortified. How do we fix this mess and make this right? The owners were up all day and night, trying to recover all the compensation lost in the internet world. But the principal owner was convicted to do what was right for his employees. Even though it was difficult, the owner went to each of the employee’s homes and hand delivered paychecks, even asking if extra was required because of the delay. He felt convicted to make sure needs were provided. The majority of employees were thankful their boss went the extra step to earn their trust back.

We trust that God will provide for our needs, but it is reciprocal. When it comes to what we have, God trusts us. But, the majority of us tend to “wing it” and go beyond. Are you a disaster, umm, or a success? Can you do what you SHOULD do, even though it is scary? Or right? Or hard?

One last thing…let’s see some hands. Who emptied their pockets? Cut up credit cards? Sold their boats? Just kidding…I don’t need to know, really. Let’s decide to do what’s right.


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