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Lynn Barbee —  November 28, 2012 — Leave a comment

I’m not a big fan of prayer lists, although I use them. It helps me remember what to pray for. The problem is, most prayer lists I’ve seen look more to me like a list of things we want from God, or as an old song from the 70’s calls it, a Shopping List. (For a flash back in time, listen to that song here.) 

Isn’t prayer a conversation? My desire would be that you live in God’s presence. When you know God, prayer follows. It’s like the air you breathe. It’s ever-present, and communication with him is a constant thing. Please don’t approach God with a litany of requests, without first giving him your worship and attention. Come before him and confess your sins, since you will be estranged from him unless you do. Worship him just because he’s God; no other reason is needed! Thank him for the uncountable blessings you receive every day.

Challenge yourself to go one day without asking him for anything, unless it is for the faith to love him more. Oh, the infinite privilege it is that we call prayer!


Lynn Barbee


I'm just an ordinary woman who wants to be used by God to change lives.

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