Beyond Sunday – Guardrails: The Consumption Assumption

Kay Roberts —  November 1, 2012 — Leave a comment

…by Jeff Sanford

I think we all have our own vision of what financial success looks like.  For a lot of us, we would consider ourselves financially successful as long as we stay out of debt and are able to save enough to retire someday.  Others of us wouldn’t necessarily consider ourselves successful until we are able to purchase the house/car/stuff of our dreams or at least enough stuff to keep up with our peers.  But what if that wasn’t all God intended for us and the money He’s blessed us with?  What if God had much more in store for us?

In his message, Greg challenged the view that there really is more to financial success than simply staying out of debt, saving for the future, and storing up treasure here on earth, but that God has also called us to invest in putting a broken world back together.  In Luke 4, Jesus stood up in the synagogue and informed those around Him that God has sent Him to earth to proclaim good news to the poor, to proclaim freedom for the prisoners, recovery of sight for the blind, and to set the oppressed free.  In other words, Jesus informed the world that He had come to reach out to all of the broken parts of our world and to restore them.  And God has called us as His ambassadors to participate in that same mission.

Deep in our hearts, I think we all feel a responsibility to contribute to putting this broken world back together in some way.  I mean, really, what better thing could we do with our money?  However, most of us just don’t believe that we have enough money to be generous.  But what if we applied a few of the guardrails Greg suggested and created a margin so that we could give generously to those who really need it?  What if each of us prioritized a consistent investment in one broken part of the world?

One thing I know about myself is that when my God has put something on my heart and I delay my response, I will generally talk myself out of making the changes He’s asked of me.  So, can we commit to a couple of things this week to get the ball rolling towards a life of generosity: 1) Thank God for blessing you with what you have and pray that the Spirit will soften your heart towards the needs of others; and 2) Find one way to be generous this week.  Challenge yourself.  Ask God to direct your giving, and then do what He asks.


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