All Things New.

wesblackburn —  October 29, 2012 — Leave a comment

Welcome back to Music Monday! Here’s a great offering this week from a guy named Brett Younker called “All Things New.”

I actually was reminded of this song a few weeks ago… I was cleaning my house, listening to some music on shuffle, and this song came on! Great stuff!

We’ve talked about it non-stop, but we’ve just finished this series of messages called Guardrails, and it’s been awesome. We’ve talked about some wise ways that we can protect our lives from huge regrets and direct our lives toward God’s will and towards living in a way that’s a light to the world for him. Hopefully many of you discovered this series to be an awesome way to connect with your faith in new ways and also have seen God already at work through some of the guardrails you’ve established for yourself.

But one of the tough things of this series has been dealing with life on the other side of the guardrail. What do we do when we find ourselves in the ditch? What do we do when life has crashed and we’re picking up the pieces? It’s an emotionally-loaded question for many of us. I think there are a few answers. For one, we have to (to the best of our ability) place ourselves on the right side of the guardrail. If you’re making bad decisions sexually with someone because you’re living with them, you have to move out. If you’re making unwise choices with credit cards, you need to cut them up. I could give several different examples. But we need to start fresh, and drastic circumstances call for some drastic changes.

But I think the second thing we do is exactly what this song talks about: We believe in the God who makes all things new. One of the coolest verses in the Bible comes in Revelation 21:5 where God proclaims from his throne, “I am making all things new!” God takes the broken circumstances of our lives and does some of the coolest things in the midst of them. Making changes is huge. But also huge is the fact that I’m not going to allow myself to continue dwelling on the sin of my past. Instead, we must trust the God who makes all things new… even us. He can save. He can redeem. He can restore. And the process starts with us trusting him for that.

(You can get this song on the CD “The New Has Come” or the acoustic version you watched here on “The New Acoustic EP,” both from Brett Younker.)




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