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wesblackburn —  October 17, 2012 — Leave a comment

This weekend as a church, we journeyed into a topic which is incredibly sobering to talk about: sex. And without a doubt, most of our biggest regrets from life stem somehow from our sexuality, whether it’s spring break in college or an affair that you can never take back. Certainly God has the ability to redeem even the ugliest parts of our lives, but there is absolutely no doubt that the way in which we manage (or mismanage) our sexuality is a huge regret creator in our lives. It’s what makes strong guardrails in this area of our lives so necessary.

One of the things that’s also a huge sex-related regret is the usage of adult materials and pornography, especially online. I was reading through some statistics on pornography and while there are a ton of eye-popping numbers, one of the biggest ones to me was that last year, porn was a $13 billion industry… more than the NFL, NBA, and MLB combined (if you are interested in reading statistics, you can download them here from CovenantEyes, a company specializing in online accountability). There is no question that more people than ever are viewing sexually explicit material online, and it is destroying lives (and no, that is not an overstatement).

This weekend in our discussion on Guardrails, we talked about instituting some guardrails for online accountability. One in particular that we all use as a staff is called X3 Watch.  It’s a free online accountability program that lets you choose some accountability partners. Then, a report of any explicit online activity is periodically emailed to them for the purpose of holding you accountable. It’s an incredible guardrail and one I cannot recommend enough if you are really serious about making sure that many of the terribly sad stories surrounding this issue don’t become your story.

You can download X3 Watch here (available for both Mac and Windows, along with a “Pro” version that has more features). Again, I’d highly recommend it. It’s a great guardrail that can seriously direct and protect your life.




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