Beyond Sunday- Guardrails: Why Can’t We Be Friends?

Kay Roberts —  October 10, 2012 — Leave a comment

…by Randy Parish

Are we as adults any different?  We don’t want to be treated as the “odd” person. We have memories of our own school days and if you weren’t one of the cool kids, one of the athletic kids or one of the “bad” kids, that meant you were like everyone else.  Did you find yourself willing to push your own limits a bit to be accepted into certain circles?

How about now?   Do you go along to get along?  Does your conscience raise red flags but you plunge ahead anyway?  Do you follow the crowd even if you know it’s wrong.  We often times lower our guard to be accepted.

We need to stand on a principle that we know is right.  We need to place guardrails in areas of our life that not only keep us from driving off the edge, but keep us from even bumping the guardrail.  We can’t be naive enough to think, “Well it’s only one drink”, or “it’s just lunch”, or “it’s only one text.”  That kind of thinking will have you trading paint with any guardrail you have in place making it difficult to navigate back on the road.

Is there any friend or group of friends you know you need to step away from?  Are they stealing the time from what you feel is noble, for times and things that are not?  You can’t cut off all contact, but you can take a stand for the moral high ground and not comprise what your heart tells you is right.  I think we reach the point in our life where we no longer care what others think of us, but until then, character is remembered longer than acceptance into the wrong friendships.


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