Beyond Sunday: Guardrails-Direct&Protect

Kay Roberts —  October 4, 2012 — Leave a comment

by Dave Wright

When I think of guardrails, I think of a shopping center located in the South Loop in Chicago.  The complex is an oddly shaped building with a parking garage on the side and underneath.  On the east side of the building, there are wires stretched across at an angle to prevent cars from falling off the side onto the commuter tracks 50 feet below.  Whenever I go into this garage and drive past the wires, I always wonder if I hit the wires, will they snap back like a rubber band and keep me from falling onto the tracks?




I would fall over the guardrail and onto the tracks…not a pretty thought.  The same holds true with guardrails in everyone’s life.  If you continually test your guardrails you have set up, do you really think they will snap back?


I think you know the answer.  Guardrails are there to protect…they are not to test.

I am looking forward to the Guardrails series…are you ready to set yours?



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