Beyond Sunday- the Nine: Self-Control

Kay Roberts —  September 27, 2012 — Leave a comment

…by Tina Hines

“Stop it!” – – if it’s that easy to say it…then why can’t we do it?

Wrapping up The Nine Fruits with this final behavior – Self Control might sound as easy as the words – just stop it.  But it’s not something I can do alone.

Stop doing behaviors that come from the flesh?  But can I really? – yea, sure …Gossip is an easy one for me….I’ve never really been a big fan of talking about someone behind their back – “check”.  Cheating?  that’s not been a problem either – “check”.  Using bad language, inappropriate talking – well, garbage coming in from the influences around me means garbage out of my mouth…. but… hey, only a word or two slips out and maybe once a week.  So, okay – “check”…

I could keep going down the row and through the list of the acts of sinful nature in Galatians 5:19.  But it is not me accessing the heart condition of my life – but how the fruits in my life are apparent or non-apparent.

Embracing life from the Holy Spirit who dwells within me and allow Self-Control to “be the pathway” to all the other fruits; helps me concentrate on nurturing more love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness and gentleness to blossom.

So as I look at this delicious Granny Smith Apple on my family room table, I am asking – “what is in my life, right now, that I ought to be doing, but I am not?

I’m pretty sure it will help me if I take that label off my apple and stick it on my hand or my arm as a constant reminder to apply some self-control the next time I want to…..say, raise my voice to someone.  But sticking an outside label reminder on me is not what’s needed.  I’m going to eat my delicious apple, pray and be more intentional to sensing and listening more to the Holy Spirit.

More time digesting scripture, more time in prayer.  Thanking God for opportunities to apply the fruits.

So, which fruit of the Spirit will blossom in your life by applying self-control first?  Enjoy your apple before it’s no longer delicious!


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