The Reliability of Scripture.

wesblackburn —  September 26, 2012 — Leave a comment

To me, there are a ton of impressive things about our faith. One of the things that just continues to impress me about our faith, though, is the Bible. I had a professor in college who once said that “the miracle isn’t just what’s contained in the Bible, it’s the Bible itself.” The more and more I’ve gotten a chance to learn and study the Bible, the more I see the incredible wisdom in that statement.

Especially in academic circles, the Bible comes under constant scrutiny. Can we really trust it? Is it historically and factually accurate? How do we know that the words we read in our Bibles today are the same ones written thousands of years ago? How do we know that they weren’t altered? Yet each time the Bible comes under question, it always passes the test. Truly, there is no more impressive piece of ancient literature than the Bible. What makes it even more incredible is that the content of the Bible is just as applicable to us today as it was to the original readers thousands of years ago.

This video is something I saw earlier in the week from a guy named Ben Witherington III, who is a Bible scholar at Asbury University in Kentucky. Witherington’s an absolute beast when it comes to the Bible (if you’re looking to pick up a commentary or some other study resource, I’d highly recommend anything with his name attached to it). Some of you may find this video dry (which is fine), but it’s a great discussion from one of the world’s leading scholars and historians on why he believes the Bible to be more than true, but the inspired word of God.




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