Beyond Sunday: Once Upon a Parable-The Main Thing

Kay Roberts —  July 12, 2012 — Leave a comment

…by Beth Bevan

Keep the main thing in your life the main thing in your life.

That is one of those statements that sounds so simple until you start to ask if it’s true in your life.  And then it becomes simple to us how not true it truly is.

God is the main thing in my life.  I can tell you that as confidently as I can tell you the sun is shining outside my window right now.  But what I can also tell you is that from this morning until right now- I have placed myself, my mom, my job, and even this blog- before God.  And it’s even crazier to me that I can become so humbled and overwhelmed by the truth that the God of the universe wants a relationship with me, and yet I don’t react the way I should. I have excuses and put the most random and odd things before my God.  I am more selfish than I realize.

I have really enjoyed this whole series.  I have even enjoyed the convictions that follow.  I have enjoyed breaking down and learning about these parables and the ways that Jesus tried to stress what following Him looked like.  There is a cost to following Jesus.  And it is not a cost that we pay once and are all good.  We will pay it over and over and in many ways and forms.  If we are honest, we would say that we pay the cost gladly and readily.  But if we’re really honest, we would say that our priorities get placed in all kinds of wrong order.  We would say that sometimes the cost isn’t something we’d counted on, or that it’s too high.  We make excuses.

I absolutely loved the five takeaways that Greg gave.  They are reminders that have already begun to help me keep my priorities in the right order.

Heaven is now, not just later – it’s the organizing factor in most lives.

Pursue holiness, not happiness – do what’s right, not what feels good.

Compare to God, not others – set God as your standard, don’t grade yourself on “the curve” from others.

Respond to conviction, not comfort – we have to be willing to respond to the convictions He places on us, even when the draw of comfort in our lives has an amazing pull.

Recover appreciation from expectation – don’t lose that feeling of being completely overwhelmed by the truth that He loves us to the point that we think we deserve His love…we don’t deserve it–never have, never will!

Greg ended his message Sunday with a prayer.  In his prayer. he asked God that we see ourselves as excuse makers, that it convict us, and that we respond to it.  I pray today that we make the choice to organize our lives to keep Christ in the center.  I pray that we keep the Main thing in our lives, the Main thing.  That He make clear and convict us the ways that we can do that better.  And that we respond.


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