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So, in light of this week’s message on suffering, I thought it might be good to talk about the book Torn this week by Jud Wilhite. I just finished reading it recently and found it to be especially poignant to this whole issue. Torn is all about what to do when we feel like our lives are bursting at the seams with suffering, pain, and difficulty. In the book, Wilhite encourages his readers to examine how the Bible and faith intersects with the whole issue of pain and suffering.

It’s so hard to stay strong and continue in faith when you feel like your life is tearing apart at the seams. Yet, that’s the reality we live in. Sin has marred our world. Sometimes, we find life difficult at the hand of others’ sinful choices. Sometimes we find it difficult because of our own. And sometimes, for reasons totally unrelated or unbeknownst to us, we just find life crashing down all around us. And then, we are torn… looking for a way to bring the pieces back together, and trying to figure out how faith fits into all of it.

Wilhite really does a good job of forcing us to get beyond the why question and to start asking the question that can really help us pull out of pain: Who? Who are you going to trust in? Yourself? Or are you going to bring all you have to God and trust him to make up the difference? Asking why is okay for a season. But if we never move on to focusing on who we trust in, we’ll never come out of a “torn” type of season. Instead, we’ll just be faced with a load of bitterness, angst, and anger toward God, others, and whoever else might find themselves in our path.

Torn is a great book to read, especially when you are journeying through a rough patch and looking for answers. I’m glad I got the chance to read it, to hear some of Wilhite’s wisdom and story, and most of all, to be directed back to a God who helps us piece things together through it all.




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