Examen.me: A Great Online Journaling Resource

wesblackburn —  April 25, 2012 — Leave a comment

Hey guys! We are back this week with another resource update. This one is found online at Examen.me. It’s a great online journaling resource intended to get you connected to God both through engaging with Scripture and also in prayer. Today, we’ll be focusing on it as a resource to engage with Scripture.

First, you simply need to go to examen.me and create an account. This is quick, easy, painless, and most importantly, free. I’ve been a member on Examen for a little while now, and I’ll attest that I very rarely receive any e-mails from them. So, don’t worry about getting spammed with offers and that sort of thing.

After logging in, you’ll be taken to the home screen, and you can click on the option to “Start an examen.” There are several options, all of which simply affect what type of Scripture you’ll be reading and thinking about that day. You can do a gospel examen centered on the life and ministry of Jesus, a New Testament examen, an Old Testament examen, or one from selected readings in the Psalms. Each examen will ask you to do the following five things:

  • Write a brief prayer to God before you open up the Scripture for that day.
  • Read through the Scripture a few times and then re-write it in your own words (a surprisingly helpful exercise, for me at least).
  • Think and reflect on what the Scripture is saying to you, and then journal your thoughts.
  • Capture what you’ve thought about and now write it out as a prayer to God for that day.
  • Think about how you can align the principles in what you read that day into your daily life.

What’s even cooler is that Examen will save your previous examens in a record. So, you could login and look at something you read and wrote months or years ago and track your progress and growth along the way.

When I get in a rut in terms of my spiritual practices, Examen is a great way for me to re-engage with them. It helps get me back on track and really thinking about God’s word, which is one of the most transformational practices that we can do as a part of our regular routine!

So head over to examen.me and check it out!




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