Beyond Sunday-I have a friend who…wrestles with doubt.

Kay Roberts —  April 19, 2012 — Leave a comment

by…Gordon Barker

The main reason I decided to make Suncrest my church is the openness and honesty in teaching.  This week is a perfect example of that.  Doubt is a very real issue for many people, both before a commitment to follow Christ and after.  It is also an issue that can be very difficult for a preacher to admit to and teach about.

I have the skeptical, make sure you never make a mistake, personality that Greg described on Sunday.  Because of this it is not surprising that I am a person that continuously wrestles with doubt, and that this message was very personal to me.  I really struggled to narrow this reflection down to a few points because the entire message resonated so directly with me.  But here is what I want to make sure that I take with me:

–          Faith and doubt are two sides of the same coin.  Belief only exists with an element of doubt.

–          God welcomes our questions.  God and His message to us through the Bible are the Truth.  And truth has no fear from questions.

–          Pursue God and truth like we are searching for treasure.

For many of us, God did not make faith obvious or easy.  Life is busy and there are many things pulling for our time and attention.  It can be very easy to put off the hard things.  Pursuing something aggressively like we would pursue treasure is a hard thing.  I know that the times in my life when my relationship with God is thriving are the times when I am aggressively searching, trusting and obeying.  It is my choice to give this pursuit the proper priority in my life.

God is faithful, and will help us with our struggles and doubts when we seek Him with open hearts and minds.  The challenge for all of us to ask ourselves is “Will I give the pursuit of faith the seriousness in my life that it deserves?”


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