Beyond Sunday-The Vow: Partnership

Kay Roberts —  March 24, 2012 — Leave a comment

…by Bobby Jackson

They say some couples over time begin to look or act like one another.   I think these couples got the idea of looking like one another:

The idea of oneness that the Bible talks about is about a lot more than looking or acting similar.  Greg described it as being bound to; clinging to and I love the question, “What if the purpose of marriage was to become one?”  Maybe we’re not just two people that have similar goals working together or two people that compromise on every decision.  What if we were meant to merge in such a way that that we believe and act and speak as one?  (We certainly want our children to feel that way about us 🙂 ).  No wonder this relationship is set up to be different than any other we’ll have on this planet.

I so appreciate getting to and wanting to talk through things with Beka and to work on things together.  In our best moments she generally pulls me back to reality and I try to push her toward something new.

I’m committed to that more than ever thanks to the experience this weekend.


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