Beyond Sunday-Listen:Clarifying

Kay Roberts —  January 19, 2012 — Leave a comment

…by Bobby Jackson

At the example of a friend, I decided to take one child per week and have breakfast with them on Wednesdays.  Our school starts a few minutes later on Wednesdays so it makes a perfect opportunity to add something cool to the usual routines.  We joke, make the waitress smile, and play games in the booth together.  Extreme anticipation has made Tuesday nights a hard night to fall asleep for one of my children each week.

I was really looking forward to this time each week yet was a little nervous in the back of my mind that we might run out of things to talk about (I don’t know much about how 8 year-old girls think).  But that was the point: I wanted to get to know how my kids think, what interests them and who their friends are, what they’re learning and what makes them sad and what they want me to hear that I’m sometimes too busy to listen to.

Forward to Sunday when I’m reminded that God is looking for the same thing in my relationship with Him.  Though He has always invited me to spend time with Him, I am now personally inviting Him to spend time with me and making time to listen to Him.  I want to listen to what interests Him and what makes Him sad and what He wants to say to me that I’m sometimes too busy to hear.

Already I’ve learned a few things:

-I need this.  I’ve been talking and not listening long enough that this past week was a different experience between God and I than usual.  Taking time to be still and listen was harder than I thought which means I haven’t been doing it much or well.

-I’m not a good listener.  My good friends probably already know this, but it was obvious to me this past week when every time I began to listen I would have an excuse or something I wanted to say that was more about me and less about empathetic listening.  Greg encouraged us Sunday that we find growth in our relationships when we have curiosity.  I’m approaching God this week with a renewed sense of this ability.

-I need this.  I really do want to hear from God specifically.  Some of the questions like, “God, what you think about me?” have been powerful.

Looking forward to a good week and a better relationship moving forward.


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