Beyond Sunday: Listen-Silence

Kay Roberts —  January 12, 2012 — Leave a comment

… by Larry Walker

I listened to Greg this Sunday and no offense to him but I could not get out of there soon enough.  I have several good friends that I could not wait to share this with to get their thoughts.  I wanted to ask when their quiet time would be and what obstacles were in the way.  These are just some of the responses (yes, permission was granted to post).  I think in honest moments, we’d all admit to these types of hindrances. 

“Really wanna watch Tebow this afternoon.  I mean he’s a good christian so God’s cool with it.”

“Mornings aren’t good for me because I’m in a bad mood.  Evenings are horrible… between big bang theory, laundry, and checking emails it’s just too much.”

“I think I’m gonna do it during my morning break. I usually get a 15 minutes and I can do it while I’m doing angry birds.”

I think if we look at it as if our faith depended on it, we might be able to squeeze some alone time in for Him.  I got home and took a mental inventory of my excuses.  That’s when I think the real part of this message hit me.  It really affected me that I had excuses to begin with.  Ten minutes a day… less than 1 percent.  And I’m coming up with excuses?  How many things in my day could I easily remove?  Arguing with my spouse? Complaining to no one in particular about that guy who was 3 cars in front of me only going 3mph over the limit?  Watching the same Sportscenter for the second time because I’m not quite tired enough?  Standing in the mirror for 15 minutes wondering why I lost hair but added weight?

It’s not a matter of where I’ll find the time.  The busiest person in the world even has 0.6% of his day to give to God.  It’s a matter of do I want to.  That’s where the excuses come from.  Speak Lord, for your servant is listening.


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