Beyond Sunday: Unimaginable World-What if He had not come?

Kay Roberts —  December 14, 2011 — Leave a comment

…by Doug Gamble

If Jesus had not come the world would be dramatically different.  Sunday’s message contained an overwhelming amount of information that shows how our lives today would be different.  It is just simply true that Jesus has changed the world.  From hospitals to educational institutions to humanitarian organizations, Jesus has literally left his fingerprints everywhere.

And we are his hands and feet.

It is Jesus’ followers throughout the ages who have taken His mission seriously who have shaped this world.  They recognized that Jesus didn’t come to be served but to serve and so they followed suit.  And as they worked to spread His message of grace and truth they made the world a better place because they followed in His footsteps.

Their example really forces a question:  How am I following in His footsteps?  How am I bringing grace and truth to my world?  How am I helping to bring Heaven to earth?

This could mean getting involved in a local organization that is meeting needs.  It could mean sponsoring a child through Compassion International (  It could mean inviting a neighbor over for Christmas because you know they will be alone.

What you do is really dependent on who you are.  God has created you with unique strengths, skills and interests.  Consider them as you seek out places you can help leave the fingerprint of Jesus.  Most importantly do something.  Don’t wait for the perfect thing.  Do the next thing that you can do.


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