Beyond Sunday: Suncrest’s Birthdays

Kay Roberts —  September 28, 2011 — Leave a comment

…by Doug Gamble

Sunday at Hobart we commissioned our building for service. We decided that a “commissioning” fit better with our approach to ministry than a traditional dedication. When you look up “commissioning” you find that several things can be commissioned:
• ships
• projects
• buildings
• people
The morning was actually built around doing the last two. Our commissioning of the building revolved around a simple idea. We really, really want our building to always be a tool to be used by God to change lives. We never want it to be an idol or a thing revered or thought of as “the church.” The building is not the church. God’s people on mission for God are the church.

I like to view the building and what we use the building for as an act to create centrifugal force. Movement is from the center to the edges. People are brought together but they are moved out from there. Gathering is never about staying. It’s always about going. Our gathering is always for the purpose of sending people back out.

Unfortunately what happens often when a church moves into a building is that it becomes centripetal force. Centripetal force moves inward. Everything is sucked from the edges to the drain…much like a toilet. We are not designed to suck!

We are designed to send. So we got to experience commissioned people as well. I heard from all campuses that the experience was incredible. At Hobart it was awesome to see about half of the attendees that day come down front to say “where God calls, I will go.”

The next step is to continue to cultivate that spirit of willingness and take the next step.
• For some this means continued pursuit of Jesus to find out what their calling is.
• For others it means responding with responsive obedience and doing what their calling requires.

Whatever your next step, may you always remember that what God calls you to, He equips you to do.


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