Beyond Sunday: The Resistance-Satan

Kay Roberts —  September 14, 2011 — Leave a comment

… by Michael Switzer

If God can reach into this world and create miracles by bending His laws of physics or manipulating one’s mind, can’t Satan do the same? That idea kind of blew my mind on Sunday.

I’d say I definitely fall in the camp of under-estimating Satan’s power and influence in my life. It’s odd to me that I can attribute something miraculous to the ‘work of God’ but rarely think of Satan in the ‘everyday evils.’

When I fail (as I do so much) or have struggles I hardly ever think of Satan as a potential culprit. My solutions are usually along the lines of “try harder”, “outsmart that
person”, or “I’m just going through a mental thing that will soon pass.” I can’t say I’ve honestly considered Satan at work in a practical way in my life. He’s usually pulled out of my pocket when I’m looking for reason’s I’ve done something morally wrong but not so much when trying to understand my shortcoming and failures. It feels like I’m solely responsible for all my actions and that the only solution is a physical correction.

I so often prescribed physical solutions to potentially spiritual issues. It’s difficult to define a problem in terms of its ‘physicality’ as in ‘how much of this problem is solvable with physical
solutions?’ The question I need to ask myself is more along the lines of ‘how
much of an issue/ scenario is solvable spiritually?’ Is it possible that by simply praying, some of the issues that seem physical might resolve? The answer now seems obvious.

Sunday’s message sharpened my awareness of how real Satan is and how I’ve been miscalculating his presence in my life. I’m taking a step back this week to acknowledge Satan and the tangled web of my life, praying for wisdom to parse evil disguised as good and spiritual disguised as physical.


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