Beyond Sunday: Open Road-Connect in relationships where truth meets life

Kay Roberts —  August 31, 2011 — Leave a comment

…by Larry Walker

When I was asked to provide some thoughts on Jared’s sermon, I could not have
been happier.  Connecting where truth meets life is such a huge part of my
life.  I can remember coming to Suncrest with my lovely wife Sandie back in 2004
and realizing immediately we had found our family a church home.  Our story is
similar to so many others where we walked in and just knew right away.  We grew
our faith here, were baptized here, and started to bring God into our daily
life.  One problem though….

We were both looking desperately to share
in this great new thing we called faith.  And we were finding that it was
still easy to push Him over to the side when things got a little rough.  Sandie
was able to join Morning Grace and I was able to begin Men’s Fraternity.  It was
great!  We’d come home feeling uplifted and connected with our peers.  We now
had new friends that we could share things with and hold each other accountable

After a couple of years, Sandie and I made the choice to grow
together and began leading a Couples Small Group.  I wish I could convey the
enormous impact this group has had on our marriage.  For those of you not yet in
a group, picture a band of brothers and sisters that shares your joys and
comforts your sorrows.  Guys… ever had a group of buddies that you can tell
anything to and can finally get past the guy code of “Hey wassup. you good?”
“Yeah. You?”  “Yeah.” “Cool.”  But instead, a group of guys that can be
authentic.  Ladies… how about gaining the added perspective that you are not
alone in the things that moms and wives go through.

My family would never
have known these blessings we now call our best friends.  I’m not saying joining
a small group will change your life by bringing you to where truth meets life…
I wouldn’t have to say it.  Jesus is!

Anyone who’d like to know more
on this, please feel free to stop me before or after the services.  I could go
on for hours! (I’ll keep it to minutes though.)


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