Beyond Sunday: Forgotten Virtues-Gratitude

Kay Roberts —  June 21, 2011 — Leave a comment

…by Randy Parish

I had one of those, “I’m glad I’m not THAT guy” moments when Greg talked about this generation, being one of entitlement.  Then I had to think about all those times I should have or could have shown more gratitude.  If you are married, that is probably the relationship or interaction where you feel the most entitled.  It takes a conscious effort not to take the other person for granted.  We may come to expect the things they do for us and get mad when they don’t go out of their way for us. 

Think of all the small opportunities we have.  Most people do or have shopped at Strack and VanTil.  We expect them to take our groceries out to the car for us.  We feel they owe it to us for shopping there.  But do you show gratitude to the person who loads them into the car or are you searching for your keys and thinking about where you have to go next?  Do you engage in the conversation they try to start on the way out or do you try to keep 10 steps ahead of them

Do you appreciate the person who gets your order right at the restaurant?  Do you thank the person who makes your double espresso cappuccino half calf decaf no foam latte drink?  They should be thanked just for remembering it.

How about the bigger things in life?  Are your prayers to God nothing but requests?  Have you ever prayed and asked for nothing, but just listed all the things you could think of at the moment to be thankful for?  Do we wait until Thanksgiving to reflect on what we are thankful for or is every day thanksgiving day?

How about if you reflected on every interaction you had today with another person?  How did you respond to them?  Did you thank them or show them you were appreciative of them?

Greg used the Dave Ramsey saying when Dave is asked how he is doing.  “Better than I deserve”.  There is another little known company called Chick-fil-A.  Did you know that if you say thank you to one of their employees, they respond with “My pleasure”.  Every time.  They kick the gratitude up a notch showing gratitude to your gratitude.

Make it a habit to be grateful.  It doesn’t cost anything.  One of the few things in life that truly is free.  Not only will the other person feel better, you just might too!


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