Well, today is kind of exciting to announce about a new blog that just launched (literally, just launched… as in today) called the Monvee blog.

Monvee is a really cool resource. Basically, it’s a program that is designed to take information about you (how you learn, what you think/feel about God, the Bible, Jesus, etc., what really motivates you) and helps you form your own spiritual growth plan that is totally, 100% tailored to you. It’s a very cool program. Our Highland Campus will be debuting it this fall (and our Walkerton Campus will possibly be doing so as well), and then it will be rolling out to the other two campuses hopefully only a few months later. It’s a program that I am certainly excited about debuting here sometime in the near future.

Nevertheless, the folks at Monvee are all very committed to just helping people grow spiritually. And this blog is just another way to help people do that. On the blog, there are some cool videos talking about some new, creative spiritual practices you might want to try in order to help grow your faith. There are also some articles written on the Monvee blog intended to help you explore some stuff personally, like how to find your calling, how to enact real spiritual change in your life, what sin really does in our relationship with God, and tons of other really cool and helpful stuff.

I’d really encourage you to check it out. Definitely some good stuff on there.

So what are you waiting for? You can visit the Monvee blog by simply clicking on any of the links or by going to http://perspectives.monvee.com/.




Suncrest//Highland Campus Pastor. But more importantly, 26th place finisher in the 2013 Highland Jack o' Lantern Jog 5k.

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