Beyond Sunday: Faces-Overwhelmed

Kay Roberts —  April 25, 2011 — Leave a comment

… by Larry McManus 

Hope is a key word for this message.  When hope fades, we feel overwhelmed.  The things that are really big seem insurmountable and the problems that are really small seem bigger.  Hope was lost in Luke 24:13-24, as something really big just happened – Jesus was crucified.  His disciples, who traveled the road to Emmaus, were overwhelmed with discouragment, sadness, confusion and disappointment.  We all go there at different times for different, but similiar, reasons.  No matter what the reasons, we have a Savior who will walk with us even as He did with these two disciples who were “downcast” about their loss of Jesus and all their dreams for Him.  Oh how easy it is for us to establish a vision in our minds of what we think should happen in life.  We may tell Jesus all about our hurts and never even look up to realize WHO it is we are talking to.  Jesus patiently lets us go on and on about our losses and disappointments and patiently waits to open our eyes to the greater truths.

“Thank You” to CeCe and Jim for sharing some of their story.  I think many including myself have felt like this from various types of losses and shattered dreams.  Just like these disciples, we often feel like we need to be “redeemed” from one thing, like Government oppressions,  and Jesus says there are deeper needs we have that He is redeeming in us.  Sometimes He “fixes” things the way we ask and sometimes He allows us to just engage Him in the midst of it all.  Jesus will give us peace and perspective that goes deeper than the depth of our circumstances. Hope gets restored when we take our eyes off the temporary and fix our gaze upon the Eternal.  So who or what are you hoping in?  Are you willing to let Jesus open your eyes to see things the way He sees them?  He can handle your dissapointments and even your anger towards Him.  Just be honest with Him and see if He doesn’t show up in a mighty and unexpected way!

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