Beyond Sunday: Faces

Kay Roberts —  April 7, 2011 — Leave a comment

…by Doug Gamble

I got to preach on my favorite subject Sunday:  Jesus.  I believe firmly He is our hope and want nothing more than to lift him up.

We kicked off the series with a fun question for the audience about meeting a famous person.  Several responded with meeting…

  • Brittany Spears
  • Tim Hawkins
  • Michael Jordan
  • Michael Jackson

Meeting someone famous is an interesting study in human behavior.  Most are fascinated with famous people.  Some, including myself, wouldn’t extend much effort to meet a famous person.  I’m not into collecting autographs or stories of meeting famous people.  Fine if you like that sort of thing.  It’s just not my cup of tea.
There is one story though I do relish.  It is the time I met Johnny Cash.  I barely remember it because I was only 4 or 5 years old.  I actually don’t remember much about it and really think that what I think I remember are actually transferred memories from my mom.  I do know though that at one time I had a photo of me sitting on Cash’s knee.  It hung for most of my childhood in my Grandpa’s shop.  Growing up I never thought much about it.  Later as an adult I grew in love with the music of Johnny Cash and remembered that photo.  When I asked my mom about it I was devastated to learn that it had been lost.

What?  Lost?  How could that be?  There are underwear from my childhood still lying around, but the photo of me and Johnny Cash is lost.

At least I’m not bitter.  🙂

There are no photos of my encounter with Jesus either, yet they have shaped me in radical ways.  That’s the amazing thing about encountering Jesus.  He doesn’t leave you the same.

You may never be able to fill a wall with memorablia of encounters with Jesus but you don’t need to.  Those encounters fill our life and are more real than any distant memory.

How have you encountered Jesus?  How has it shaped you?


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