Beyond Sunday: Story of God- The Journey

Kay Roberts —  March 24, 2011 — Leave a comment

by Gordon Barker

This past Sunday was the closing message of the Story of God series, titled The Journey. It was a very good series summarizing the epic story of the God as told in the bible and how we as individuals can be part of this on-going story.

This week’s message brought this story home to us as individuals and to us as part of the church.  Now that we have been restored to God, through our relationship with Jesus, God’s spirit lives inside each of us.  With this comes our responsibility as individuals and corporately as the church to find our role in helping God restore this world to the way that He wanted it in the beginning.

I don’t know about you, but I am a champion procrastinator.  I use the busyness of my life to justify this procrastination, to tell myself that it is OK, even deserved.  I honestly don’t know yet what I am going to write on the magnet that we were given on Sunday.  I don’t know yet what the next role is that God has for me to fill, but I am motivated to push beyond the hesitation and procrastination that so often is my pattern.  I loved the analogy of the river running through us to bring life to others.  Sue Syverson’s video was awesome, the personal story of a person who has been restored who is reaching out to help restore others.  This is not just a good message in theory, something to hear, think how good it was and then let it slip away.  This is real life, this is the on-going story of God.  A story that I want to have a role in.  I hope you do too.


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