Beyond Sunday – People of the Second Chance: I’ve been wronged

wesblackburn —  October 14, 2010 — Leave a comment

…by Kevin McHugh

People of the Second Chance has been a message series that really resonates with me for a couple of reasons. First of all, the circumstances have been different. My wife has been busy helping out at the Walkerton Campus and my schedule has been different as well. This has resulted in me attending solo a couple times and not in my normal time slot; it’s just been unusual and it seems I am tuned in differently. OK, the second reason is much better that this lame lead in….

The second reason I relate to this message series is all about the content and the thoughtful and genuine way it has been taught:

“I’ve screwed up” (guilty as charged)
“I’m running on empty” (yep – feel that way sometimes)

and this week’s message, “I’ve been wronged”

The first two have been easier to wrap my mind around because of the things I bring upon myself, but this week’s message has been harder – What about all the injustice in this world? I have read that this is one of the most common questions heard when people are questioning faith in God. So I sit here wondering who might be reading this and if they wonder where God is when life is really kicking their tail right now.

Greg taught on this using the account of Joseph in the book of Genesis. Joseph was subjected to betrayal, slavery, false accusation, imprisonment, and basically had his tail kicked for about 17 years through no fault of his own. Yet in the end Joseph recognized a meaning in it all and told the very brothers who betrayed him about God’s plan, and how countless lives would be saved from famine because of the chain of events that resulted from Egypt storing up food based on Joseph’s interpretation of Pharaoh’s dreams. It is harder to see God when we are enduring an injustice, but Joseph sure did – that’s a good example for me and I hope it hit home for you as well.

Greg made the point a few times: Don’t mistake God’s silence for absence. It’s tough to keep a heavenly perspective when things are going bad and it’s not even our fault. So the challenge presented to us is to know how much our God deeply loves us and to feel his spirit in us regardless of the circumstances. We have examples like Joseph in the Bible and I also like the account made by Paul in his second letter to the Corinthians – check out Chapters 11 & 12. Talk about getting your tail kicked unjustly, but what an outcome! A guy who has guided countless to salvation!




Suncrest//Highland Campus Pastor. But more importantly, 26th place finisher in the 2013 Highland Jack o' Lantern Jog 5k.

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