Confessions of a Pastor

wesblackburn —  March 24, 2010 — Leave a comment

You might or might not be familiar with him, but Craig Groeschel is the lead pastor of LifeChurch, an innovative multi-site church community based out of Oklahoma. Remember our “Little Drummer Boy” song from Christmas Eve? That was an idea we stole from LifeChurch. They’re truly an impressive group, and if you have the time, I’d highly recommend checking out their site.

Anyway, Groeschel is the lead pastor of this church, and recently I decided to pick up his book Confessions of a Pastor (pictured above). I must say, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Groeschel mostly writes it from the perspective of a pastor, saying the things that pastors aren’t supposed to admit, like “I really hate prayer meetings” or “I sometimes doubt God” or “I worry all the time” as a few examples. But reading the book, I found it incredibly refreshing and helpful to me personally. Pastor or not, overcoming things like worry, doubt, sexual purity, handling criticism, etc. are things that everyone probably needs work on. Groeschel is really honest about his struggles, and then offers some practical advice on how he’s handled these various issues in his own life, in hopes it will help those who read, too.

Anyway, I finished the book a few weeks ago and thought it was definitely a worthwhile read… it’s already become one of my favorite books. Definitely found some things in there that will be helps to me in cultivating my relationship with Jesus. If you’re interested in reading Confessions of a Pastor, Amazon is selling some lightly used copies for about $2-3 plus shipping. That’s how I got my copy, and trust me, it’s well worth the couple bucks you’ll shell out for it.

Happy reading! Until next time…





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