Beyond Sunday – The Waiting Room: In the Meantime

wesblackburn —  November 25, 2009 — Leave a comment

…by Randy Parish

OK God, I did what Greg said, I waited a week and did nothing.

Hello…still waiting.

Ever feel like that? Waiting……………..on………….God………to…………..move.

One thing that sticks out for me from week one, is Greg talking about the waiting being transformational rather than transactional. Look at the insightful wisdom of the T-shirt that says, “It’s not the destination, it’s the journey”.

What do we do while we are waiting?

We get impatient because we have microwave ovens, instant messaging, instant coffee and instant potatoes. We want to wait for nothing. We pray and if God doesn’t answer us in 10 minutes we want to take things into our own hands.

God has never failed us. Why would he choose to fail us now? We need to remember the times God was faithful. We need to mark those points on our journey and be thankful for them.

My wife and I are in a period of waiting. We decided to put our house on the market just as the real estate boom started into its current nose dive. We just feel God is calling us to do something else right now. We prayed and we waited. We almost took things into our own hands a few times, but didn’t and continued to pray and to praise God for the blessings we already have. We laugh about the situation because we liken it to being on a journey and just looking out the window. We’re not driving, so we can just sit back and enjoy the scenery as we go through life. There have been several occasions we have said “God, we are glad you are in charge and we are not” because the decisions we were thinking about making would have turned out to be very bad for us. Life continues to change in ways we haven’t thought about before. We need to cast aside our worry and our fears and lean back into the arms of God. What a better week than this week to take some time and mark your encounters with God. A time to be thankful for the journey He has put you on. We need to enjoy the ride.




Suncrest//Highland Campus Pastor. But more importantly, 26th place finisher in the 2013 Highland Jack o' Lantern Jog 5k.

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